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Breast Is Best

Newborn Care


Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Milk Only,
To Make Your Baby Pretty, Brainy and Bonny,
Feed Your Child Not Every Two Hours or Three Hours,
Not By seeing The Clock But When The Child Demands,
After Birth Feed Not From First Day But First Hour,
No Glucose, No Honey,  No Ghutti,  No Tea,  No Water,
No Tin,  No Cow,  No Goat,  No Bottle,  No Gripe Water,
Among Milks And Baby Foods The Best Is Breast Milk,
There Cannot Be Any Substitute For This Natural Divine Milk,
It Is Rich In  Nourishing Substances &  Prevents  Diseases,
Continue It In Vomiting, Diarrhoea And Other Diseases,
This Is Child’s Best Food Whether He Is Sick Or Well,
Do Not Stop It If The Mother Has Fever Or Otherwise Unwell,
Breast Feeding Brings Better Rapport Between Mother & Child,
In Plenty It Will Be If Affectionately she Feeds The Child,
Breast Feeding Promotes Better Health Both In Mother & Baby,
This Is The Best Prescription To Have A Strong & Chubby Baby,
Mother’s Milk Is The Elixir Which Brings Forth Healthy Children,
Value This Vital Fluid If You Want To Have Happy Children,
Mother Gives To Her Child Not Only Milk But Love Too,
This Affectionate Bond Is Remembered Whole Life Through,
You Will Have A Child Fine & Nice If You Head This Advice,
Do Not Forget, Do Not Neglect This Your Doctor’s Advice.

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