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Good Discipline

Be A Doctor

 Use a form of discipline that you feel right and works for you.
Keep fiddly fingers and busy bodies busy.
Have sensible expectations, A child cannot behave like an adult.
Don’t over-discipline. Don’t fight over trivial matter.
Say ‘Yes’ more often than ‘no’ Suggest alternatives.
Take time t explain things.
Don’s ever compare a child to brothers, sisters or neighbours.
All children are different and want to be treated as individuals, Give equal attention to each child in the family.
Don’t correct in front of people.
Be consistent, otherwise the child is confused and loses faith.
Understand that the child does not purposely try to make you mad. It just happens.
Don’t be put off on being asked ‘silly’ questions. The child will stop asking and seek information elsewhere.
Don’t use baby talk-he takes that as proper pronunciation.
Encourage and reward the good. Ignore the undesired.
When you mean it, say it with conviction and see it through.
An occasional smack will let the child know where the limits lie.
Avoid no-win situations. Be quick to retreat when losing
Remember, tension at home, conflicting opinions and parental point scoring sabotage effective discipline.
If home is happy and secure, never be afraid to be firm. The adults of tomorrow will be happier and healthier if the parents of today are firmly in charge.

Remember that a child does not need to tell you
that he cannot thrive without lots of love
and understanding. Also he does appreciate
what you do for him even though he
does not thank you.

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