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Vaccination Chart


Immunization schedule

(Adopted from International Recommendations)

Birth                 Hepatitis B 1st  + OPV 0 dose  
1 months           Hepatitis B 2nd +  BCG + OPV 1st   
2 months           DTaP/DPT 1st + OPV 2nd/IPV 1st + Hib 1st  
3 month             Pneumococcal 1st  + Rotavirus 1st  
4 month             DTaP/DPT 2nd +OPV 3rd/zipv 2nd + Hib 2nd  
5 month             Pneumococcal 2nd  Rotavirus 2nd  
6 month             DTaP/DPT 3rd + OPV 4th/IPV 3rd  + Hib 3rd   
7 month             Hpatitis B 3rd + Pneumococcal 3rd + Rotavirus 3rd   
9 month             Measles  
1 Year                Pneumococcal Booster dose  
13 month           Hepatitis A 1st   
15 month           MMR (Tresivac/Priorix) +  Chicken Pox 1st  
18 month           DTaP/DTP + Hib + OPV/IPV Booster  
19 month           Hepatitis A Booster  
2 Year                Typhoid + M. Meningitis  
Any age              Influenza (every year) / Pnenumococcal 23)  
5 Years               DTaP/DPT + OPV/IPV+ Typhoid Booster
                          Chicken Pox II + MMR II  
8 Years               Typhoid Booster (every 3 years )  
10 years              Tdap (every 10 years lifelong) + HPV for girls    
Any other           Yellow fever / Japanese Encephalitis  
Any age              Rabies Prevention/Post exposure  

BCG : Tuberculosis DPT: Diptheria, Whooping cough, Tetanus ; Hib: Haemophillus influenza b MMR: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, DPT vaccine may cause fever, irritability and injection lump.
Due dates mentioned are approximate dates after which the vaccine becomes due, a few days delay is allowed.

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