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Growing Up

Step by step

With a child at home each day
bring new exciting things

6 weeks  Follows moving objects    --------------------------
Smiles back       --------------------------

4 months  Rolling side to side     --------------------------
Puts objects into mouth    ---------------------------
Pushes with feet when erect    ---------------------------

6 months  Sitting with support     ------------------------------------
Transfers objects hand to hand   ------------------------------------

Enjoys mirror      ------------------------------------

9 months  Moves around the furniture     ------------------------------------
Waves bye-bye     ------------------------------------
Responds to name     ------------------------------------
Throws objects     ------------------------------------

1 year   Monosyllables
Walks with one hand held     ------------------------------------
Understands ‘no’ and obeys it    ------------------------------------
Plays ball game      ------------------------------------
Postural adjustments to dressing   ------------------------------------

13 months  Walking without support    ------------------------------------

15 months  Crawls up stairs     ------------------------------------
  Makes tower of 3 cubes    ------------------------------------
  Draws a line with crayon    ------------------------------------
  Inserts pellets in a bottle    ------------------------------------
  Indicates desires by pointing    ------------------------------------

18 months  Sits on small chair     ------------------------------------
  Climbs stairs with one hand held   ------------------------------------
  Explores waste baskets    ------------------------------------
  Imitates vertical strokes with crayon   ------------------------------------
  Name pictures      ------------------------------------
  Identifies parts of the body    ------------------------------------
  Kisses when asked     ------------------------------------
  Eat on their own     ------------------------------------
  Pushes wheeled toys     ------------------------------------

2 years   Runs well, opens doors    ------------------------------------
  Goes up and down stairs 1 step at a time  ------------------------------------
  Climbs on furniture and jumps   ------------------------------------
  Speaks three-word sentences    ------------------------------------

30 month  Walks up stairs on alternate    ------------------------------------
  Draws a circle      ------------------------------------    
  Knows full name     ------------------------------------
  Helps put things away     ------------------------------------
  Wants everything immediately   ------------------------------------

3 years   Tricycle riding      ------------------------------------
Knows age and sex     ------------------------------------
Un-buttons clothing     ------------------------------------
Puts on shoes      ------------------------------------
Washes hands      ------------------------------------
Can walk on tiptoe     ------------------------------------
Knows colours     ------------------------------------
Questions start-Why? How?    ------------------------------------

4 years   Hops on one food     ------------------------------------
Uses scissors to cut pictures    ------------------------------------
Plays with other children     ------------------------------------
Draws square and cross    ------------------------------------
Blows nose reliably     ------------------------------------
Holds pen properly, draws a man   ------------------------------------

5 years   Draws triangle      ------------------------------------
  Skips       ------------------------------------
  Ten-word sentences     ------------------------------------

The ages mentioned above are average ages and there is a range within which the child should achieve these milestones. Early attainment does not mean that the child is a prodigy; neither does delayed attainment mean that he is of low intelligence as long as it is within the normal limits. The child can be faster in one set of milestones and slower in others. Language is one of the most variable of all and if the child does not have any physical/mental problem, hearing defect, etc. ,it can be normally delayed. Cause of concern would be if there is delay in more than one milestone beyond the maximum permissible age. If there is lack of comprehension, disinterest in the environment and an absence of quality play, them an expert professional opinion should be sought.

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