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Travelling Tips

Be A Doctor

For Most parents, staying at home with a child is challenging enough; venturing out with one would give nightmares. Yet, when the open roads and skies beckon, toddler or no toddler time does come to get up and go. So go, but not before you have planned and planned meticulously.

If the child is more than two years old, consider his likes and dislikes before deciding where to go. His preference would be for open spaces like seaside, while you might prefer museums and art galleries where he might throw a tantrum. Remember, if he doesn’t enjoy, nobody else will. One-destination vacations are the most successful. If you are planning a touring vacation, limit the stops. When traveling by plane book early and consider off-peak-time, non-hopping flight. Early booking helps in choosing your set and also a cradle seat can be asked for. Board as late as possible. To prevent ear block during take-off and landing put the child on bottle/breast. Older child can be given something to chew or suck. Warm towels can be used for fomentation if it actually pains. Remember not to include the lap child in your safety belt-a little impact could injure his stomach and chest. For an older child a car seat can be carried along with. While traveling by train or car a travel buggy and a potty can be added to the list. Whatever the mode of travel, carry a good supply of changes, wipes, water, food, medicines and of course camera and charger.

Avoid traveling with a sick child unless it is a must and you have clearance from the treating doctor. The following instructions may help in first aid. The doses can be adjusted according to the child’s weight. Syrup Phenergan can be used for motion sickness. It is to be given as 5 ml per 12 kg of child’s body weight half an hour before starting the journey.

If the child develops high fever, take him to a cool place and remove all extra clothes. Start sponging the forehead, head and back with tap water. Give Paracetamol (Crocin/Calpol) approximately 5 ml/10 kg weight and repeat 4-6 hourly if required. If the fever is not coming down, use either syp Flexon or Combiflam 5ml/12 kg.

For loose motions start electrolyte solution, coconut water, lassi and dal water, If vomiting is a feature then give Syp Ondem 1ml/5 kg. Wait for 30 to 40 min before giving any food or fluids. Associated pain in the abdomen can be treated by common anti-spasmodic drops- like Colimex drops 1 drop per kg.
Carry some common medicines for cough and cold and start in usual doses if required. Medicines should be given just before a feed and not after because if he child vomits, the effort of feeding is not wasted. Do remember to carry local antiseptic ointments/band-aid, etc. While travelling, it is better to use powdered milk and mineral water whenever possible.

It is advisable to contact a local paediatrician if cough becomes worse, respiration becomes rapid, fever becomes uncontrollably high or motions and vomiting persist. You own paediatrician’s contact numbers including the STD code should always be with you while traveling.

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