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Newborn Care


Half an hour after the baby has eaten, is an ideal time you & your baby can be relaxed & calm. At room temperature undress the baby completely, if the weather is cold or humid cover the body areas of the baby that are not being massaged. On a soft surface your baby will feel comfortable and secure. Keep some little pillows handy.

Use natural oil to massage the baby’s delicate skin. A massage always flows from the head to the toes with soft gentle touches. While you massage look at your baby tenderly, by doing so all the senses of the baby are stimulated & a more intense visual and tactile communication gets established.

Speak to your baby, do not inhibit yourself. Try to be flexible by not keeping a rigid routine. If the baby wants to change position let them do so. Do not force your baby to keep a position; you can go back to these areas later on.

The head: Touch the forehead, temples and the base of cranium, eyebrows, eyelids nose cheeks the area around the mouth ears and surrounding area.

Jaws: The frontal part of the neck (Remember doing this very gently). Make small strokes and massage the posterior part of the neck with slow movements down to the shoulders. Softly put both hands on his/her shoulders. Caress the baby from the neck to the shoulders in the direction on his chest.

Shoulders and arms: Forms a ring with your fingers and thumb around your child’s arm. Begin to caress around the armpit and then go down along the arm. Be very careful when you arrive at the elbow, it is very sensitive region. In the wrist you can gently practice turning motions. Remember to take great care with all these motions.

Stomach: Massage the stomach in a circular way (the genitalia area is excluded from the massage). Caress the abdomen moving your hands clockwise beginning below the ribs.

Legs: Caress each leg with your whole hand, press gently on the thighs. Slightly flex the legs and knees pressing the thighs gently against the body.

Back: Turn your baby around. Begin with large and slow movements that include head, neck, back and legs always in one direction. Give your baby soft strokes on the shoulders and back and massaging with your fingertips with circular movements. Do not massage the spinal cord, only put your hands over it and let the baby feel the warm sensation. You can even make small circular movements on your hands at the top of the legs and begin gently caressing while working your way down towards the foot.

When you arrive to the feet start again from the top. With soft and slow movements finish the massage starting once again at the head and back to the toes.

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