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Growing Up

Teething Troubles

No. Name     Avg. age of   Date/age of
     Appearance  appearance

1. Central lower incisors     06-08 months  -----------------

2. Central upper incisors    08-10 months  -----------------

3. Lateral upper incisors    12-15 months  -----------------

4. Lateral lower incisors    12-15 months  -----------------

5. Upper molars               18-24 months  -----------------

6. Lower molars               18-24 months  -----------------

7. Lower canine               18-24 months  -----------------

8. Upper canine               18-24 months  -----------------

9. Lower molars               20-30 months  -----------------

10. Upper molars    20-30 months   -----------------

The teeth start growing within the gums after 2 months of age but they actually erupt anytime after 6 months. The time of appearance of the first tooth can vary from 3 months to 1 year. Early appearance of upper teeth is not a bad omen. Since the teeth start moving in the gums after 2 months of age they may cause discomfort to the child. The baby may be fretful, dribble saliva and bite at everything. He may feel a little warm and sweat a little more, but teething definitely does not cause diarrhea. At times like this, rub his gums gently with your finger or with any glycerine-based teething gel. Offer him something firm to chew like a carrot, rusk or a soup stick. Teething rings are to be used only if you can ensure their regular cleaning. Once the baby had around ten teeth give him plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to build up his jaw muscles. Sugary foods and chocolates are best avoided. If he must, then remember to give him some water to drink
or rinse his mouth.

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